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A Free Lesson On How To start A Fresh Blog With A New Money Making Ideas On The Internet


Recently I got more than 10 mails in a week my visitors asking about my blog is not making money or getting less income? Can give me some advice. So, I decided to write a post on what are the possibilities for earning online with a new blog.

First thing blogging is a pure business, need lot of patience and time nobody gives you a free money. Most of the new bloggers think they can create a blog and earn instantly. Well, actually it does not work like that in any business or job. You have to work hard to make a real income.

Here is the best and the first Indian blogger example, Amit Agarwal… I’ve read an interview first year his blog did not make any money. But he was never given up blogging, if you see today he is making unbelievable income 30 lakhs per month which is indeed.

But how can we get business with a new blog here are the some genuine ways to make money on the internet from home a home desktop or your personal laptop.

Knowledge + Idea = Money

Your knowledge is the key of success no matter how long it will take, but finally you will sit on a success seat.

  • Knowledge

Before starting a blog make sure what kind of knowledge you have, for example, if you are a good chef make a blog on cooking recipes or if you are a software engineer share your programming skills in your blog, but don’t start with a proper planning people should love the content of your blog then only they will visit again and again and don’t try to imitate or copy others blog. Suppose if you don’t know about cars, then don’t start car blog.. As I said your knowledge is an investment. Now I hope and sure about what kind of blog is suitable according to my knowledge.

  • Idea

Now it’s a time to give a physical look to our idea! Means implementation our skills on create a super blog. Don’t try to start a free blogging like blogger or web 2.0, why am against on free blogs.

Choosing a blog theme is a big step, what kind of web themes we need for our blogging you can find the free themes. I honestly suggest the free themes only it looks simple and free of cost to download.

Points To Take Care When Choosing The Blog Themes

  • Make sure the theme is mobile friendly
  • Easy menu navigation
  • Avoid any jquery plugins etc..

The more points I covered in s.e.o post how to load your site speed and index faster.

  • Money

Here is the last step Money making point, as I said in the above knowledge is the money so write a best and unique content regarding about a chosen topic of your blog at least 4 to 5 different posts you should write every week. After 2 months your site will be growing bigger people like to visit your site.

Note:if you feel trouble to write on a specific topic, just google the best blog about will find numerous sites read well and get the idea and make your content but don’t copy other posts and place in your blog. It’s a very bad and Google will punish your blog, result your blog never shown in the first place on the search results.

After you have done all the things now time to apply for Adsense. Google Adsense is one the top genuine way to earning online, how to apply for Adsense and in my money blogging section you can find different online money earning articles.

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