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Money Blogging - Blog-Commenting

Beginner's guide how to approved your comments without spam by bloggers


Every blogger needs high page rank do follow backlinks from popular blogs or sites. Commenting is one of the powerful and approved ways to get backlinks from the other bloggers.

This post is really helpful for the new bloggers about commenting.Firstly, we should respect the bloggers because he/she spends lots of time to write an article and share the knowledge with the visitors. We have to encourage them with the comment because I learnt lots of things through blogging.

Here are the basic rules to follow before leave your valuable comment

  • Don’t spam just drop your site name on others blog, certainly your comment will not publish.
  • Is your comment relevant to the post, some of the blogger comments are not relative to the post, Which is really spamming! Stop doing now.
  • For example: - A fashion blog, and the comment is how to make money without investment from home, please visit the link. Which is not relevant to the post.

  • Read the complete article before commenting may be you can add some extra tips in that article which is useful for the visitors.
  • Don’t leave a simple message like “great post”, “excellent” or “ nice article “ write your opinion at least 3 lines.
  • The biggest blunder lot of people use key words in the name section, which is not acceptable by the google search engine team. Even "Matt Cutts" strongly specified write your original name in the name text box.
  • Add your real picture in the comment profile

So, friends make sure your comment is so valuable don’t waste using silly tricks. If I missed any points please leave in the comment which is helpful for other bloggers.

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