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Money Blogging - Blog-Infographics-Whiteboard-Tools

Take blog into the next level to attract more visitors with Infographics images & white board videos


Blogging is a challenging career which involves different concepts to make our blog famous - Unique Content, S.E.O On/Off Page Optimization, support all devices & friendly search engine theme and many more. Any successful money making blog needs lots of traffic and every professional blogger do different kinds of experiments to reach more blog audiences through social media, email marketing, search engine visitors etc., but still always hunt for the new tricks to attract more visitors and the blogging shape is changing daily with latest technologies like user friendly tools or plugins.

Compare with olden days now anyone can start a blog without having a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, Java script or programming skills for this convenience many people are starting a own home based blogging business with very low investment. Due to overwhelming and high demand, the bloggers are facing more challenging tasks to take a blog into the next level.

Advanced Blogging Tricks With White Board Videos & Info Graphics tool.

Even though our blog content is so powerful with unique articles, still we are not reaching user expectations or satisfying the visitors due to lack of new ingredients and the missing concepts are Infographics and white board animation.

Infographics Tools For Blogging

Images are more attractive way to convince the users rather than thousands of words. Of course, the present bloggers are not posting any articles without pictures, but only the unique images will help you. If you find the images from the professional bloggers they use different colors, shapes, font sizes, headings. The user can get an idea about the post just with a image, without reading the full content and this is possible with infographic tools. Lazy blogger's never tries such new kind of excitement things, they just copy the pic’s from the other websites or simply using Google free images. 99% of internet users aware of those pictures so immediately without reading the post get out from your blog which increases your bounce rate.

Several infographics companies are offering free tools for the commercial blogging purpose and my favorite is canva tool

White board animation for blogging

Let’s take our blog to an advanced level using white board animation. Graphics and animation videos are undoubtedly a great way to promote our online business and am planning very soon to implement white board animation in my blog. More about this will write an article after i had real experience.

It’s a time to take our blog into next advanced level to attract more viewers with whiteboard videos & infographic custom images.

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