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Money Blogging - Which-Blog-Make-Me-Rich-With-Adsense-Income

How To Start The Best Niche Blog And Get Rich With Adsense Income.


When you search in google online for any information, products or whatever is your requirement. Out of 10 recommended sites from the search engine results at least 5 blogs will be appearing on the first page. Any regular job, you need an experience but for a blog do not need! Your idea & knowledge on the chosen subject is important and its only primary qualification to start your own blog. So, what is a blog? How bloggers are making money from home.

How a single blog can make multiple earnings from home

We often see in others blog posts about the professional bloggers and their income report and its true they are really earning 5 digits income every month, when they are earning? Why can’t we. Then the question arises what kind of niche blog makes me rich or satisfied income with Adsense. Before choosing the topic for blogging content idea.

Rules for a fresh blogger should know, To eligible for an Adsense account for a new blog.

  • If you think a blog can create easily in an hour or day, then forget about making money with Adsense and also the other ways of income through online. Getting an account from Google Adsense is not easy and they have a very strict rules and conditions.
  • Before apply! Make sure at least your blog domain must be 6 months old and this condition is for Indian and Asian countries.
  • Never start a free blog! Definitely will spoil all your ideas. A real professional blog should have own domain name. So, invest some little money for your first blog.
  • Blogging is not like a regular job, needs a lot of patience and knowledge. If you are ok! For the above the few points, then check the complete article Beginners guide on how to get successfully approved by Adsense account in my first attempt

These blog ideas will certainly generate a good income

  • Online money earnings - People want money and most of them look for easy and free money online.
  • Insurance – A life need a secure, so insurance blogs are very popular and no doubt we can make an excellent income.
  • Health related – if you are a dietician, then make a blog on diet and health.
  • Technology- eCommerce, software programming, gadgets and any tech related.

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