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Years! Back the internet blogging was just a hobby; now it’s largest passive residual income and several people are picking the blogging as a full-time career and worldwide every year the growth of new bloggers are increasing as well as the blogging system also changing . But, a complete new blogger, especially the first six months, are constantly struggle to earn money and give up in the middle. Yes! It is indeed 90% of the fresh bloggers they don’t have proper knowledge on how a blog works and what are the ways can monetize? For blog sufferers, I have shared more than 200 plus articles on how to make money from home online for free.

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When we think about blogging the 1st question arise what is a blog? How it looks like what kind of information will be present in the blogging, who are the bloggers what kind of qualification we need to become a professional blogger. Here, we discuss briefly !

What is Blogging?

Blogging is also called as a weblog you may find many descriptions if you search in Google about what is blogging. But in my view, it’s a sharing your knowledge or information concerning anything about putting in words in a weblog is called blogging, and all the articles or posts are in chronological order. For example, it’s like a newspaper how readers will come and read like that visitors will come and study your posts or article on your blog. If people like your blog content, they will subscribe and follow your every article.

Qualification to become a blogger

Must have a reliable knowledge of chosen blog type like (technology, small online internet business, Education, food related and much more.. ). Before writing the post think as a user what they expect from your blog. So, write your own words clearly with proper simple English or native language. Don't use any sort of article spinning or auto-generate tools to produce the content fast. Check the spelling & grammar mistakes before uploading into the server.

I've discussed multiple blogging niches; you can find easily and start your home based blog to make money online.