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Are you a good chef ! Don’t know how to start your dream career on a cooking video Tutorials blog


The food business is one of the profitable business anywhere in the world, but to set up a decent restaurant is not an easy task because of the estimated cost, license and main thing are locality (need to have an initial investment at least some lakhs of rupees to start a food business) in one word it’s out of the ball park for most of the talented chefs. Then how come to fulfill our dream career, the solution is an internet home business blog.

If you don’t have a enough finance to start your own restaurant, then why don’t you start cooking classes to make your dream into reality? The internet is always welcoming the new business people with brilliant ideas when people love your craft you will earn heaps of income through online.

How to start a freelance career successfully

A real business mind people always think about the success not about the money, so don’t go for free blogging domains when you want to start an online home business. Just little investment is enough to start any good blog and you don’t need to be a computer degree or geek to develop a site online, we have plenty of ready made tools or software available to design our own blog within a couple of minutes Reason why I against about free web 2.0 or blogger sites and you don’t need a license for small online business.

  • Domain name selection

The domain name should be catchy, choose the wise domain name for your blog and make sure should not exceed more than 10 words and don’t use underscores (_) for your blog name.

  • Theme selection for your blog

Choosing a theme of the blog is very important. If you don’t have an idea what kind of a web theme to choose visit the famous cooking blogs will clear your doubts. You can find free themes for your blog in google search engine or can buy a professional theme with low cost.

Everyone wants a good, healthy and nutritious food. So, before starting a cooking blog determines what type of food classes you can teach. Once your blog is ready you can shoot your first video from your home kitchen.

Start slowly and steadily don’t rush even if you have a great experience on cooking. Here, I would like to give one good advice first choose the top 5 recipes from your famous cooking menu online business is always depends on reviews.

  • Who you are?

Introduction is a must people want to know your name and where from you are and what is the intention of this blog just give a brief description of yourself in the start of the video.

  • Plan how to start

Take a white paper, write down your first cooking video class & dish name, ingredients etc.. Once you all set make a video if you are not satisfied make another one.. Until you feel happy of the output. Remember the first impression is always the best. Along with the video a good description of the dish is handy for the visitors.

  • Stick on your own style

Don’t imitate the famous chefs, make your own style and be simple with good English vocabulary.

  • Make your own brand

People identify your business with a logo, so make sure you have your own unique logo which is related to your business.

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