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Drop Ship From Amazon to eBay, is it really worthy Online business. Then Find Out The Reasons Before Start!


Many online business people making money with Drop shipping and of course it is one of the best ways to make money online without investment, Several times we have noticed on v-blogs (YouTube) or normal blog they shared on how to earn money without buying a product from Amazon and sell in eBay. Well ! is it really a wonderful internet business and most of the people are earning successfully I am not complaining about them but wonder how they are doing the business. Here I researched how it actually works and shared reasons why am staying away from this. Hope, will helpful for starters who wants to start.

My advice or warning for beginners before start the drop ship amazon products to ebay India.

What are the consequences will we face in this business and Does it really worth?

Amazon products shipped to the customers in the own boxes with logo. When you want to sell the products on ebay, you buyer purchased the product from the eBay. So when you order the product from the actual buyer your customer receives the item with a amazon packaging. Obviously, the customer will shocked bought a product from ebay and received from amazon and definitely will check the prices from the both commerce sites and finally you will receive a bad feedback from the customer.

Below Image Complaint against the customer selling products from Amazon, not eBay !


Amazon offers gift wrap

Seller extra charges for the gift wrap, it’s not free. So, we have to make up this amount also in our price before listing the product on eBay.

If customer does not satisfy your product, he will contact eBay for a refund and you have to approach your actual buyer for this problem. Imagine if you are selling an Apple iPhone – 6s and buyer received a damaged product, it’s a big headache and a huge loss.

One advantage with the gift wrap they don’t send the invoice to our customers. Only product will deliver.

These are the main reasons behind to stay away, Post your valuable comments and suggestions or ideas would be helpful.

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