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Ebay india absoulte beginners guide how to sell online

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As we all know that eBay is a wonderful place to buy and sell items, and large variety of different products as well as we get cheaper and quality products based upon the seller score.

Points are to remember before start read the T.O.S on eBay. In (please go through is the link) Now here is a quick points, which I am using now want to share.

How to list an item in eBay India

The first 100 items are totally free of cost (only the insertion fees are free), not the percentage what youare selling the product. So, here are careful when you list an item don’t put an ugly image of your product or without description and shipping information should be mention crystal clear.2) How to target the visitors to your list.

  • Well, eBay by default it displays only the best matching results from the eBay searching just like a Google search. So make sure the title of the product should be very attractive and unique don’t copy the others eBay title.
  • (90% of the visitors search for the lowest product and free shipping) Make sure your product is lowest price and free shipping compare with others because we have to build up a trust, which comes from yourcustomer feedback

Always reply to the customers questions with the link of your other product list.

Bottom line is our product should come with the best match and the lowest price of the first page in eBay listings.

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