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Money Blogging - Flipkart-Mobile-Fraud

Another fraud seller from Flipkart…. Instead of mobile phone sent 2 mangoes to the customer.


Yes! You read right, a guy from India (A.P) ordered a cell phone through online.India’s one of the biggest eCommerce site flipkart.

According to customer version. He ordered a mobile on 26th may flipkart mega sale offer which cost around 8099 Rs and delivered on 8th June. After open the box we found 2 mangoes instead of mobile phone. Obviously, the guy was shocked and asked the courier guy they said it’s not our fault call to flipkart.

Flip kart customer care response was horrible, they agreed to refund the money.. but after 2 hrs they cancelled the refund. Now the guy is prepared for giving consumer complaint against flip kart.

Few Basic tips when purchase any products at online

Am also an online seller through eBay, most of the people always tempted to see the images of the product, they don’t read the reviews or feedback of the seller.

  • Check the feedback before buying any product, whether it’s a big company or small only reviews tell the history of the buyer.
  • Don’t rush when place the order Check the prices of different sites the same product you will get cheaper in other site which saves lots of money. Especially on gadgets every day price come down due to e-commerce competition.

This post will help online buyers, what kind of precautions we should take before buying the product.

Any suggestions or Tips please add your comment in the below.

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