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Money Blogging - Free-Blogging-Really-Worth

Does free web platform is really worth for a blogging ?


There is a lot of free web platforms are available to make our own site or blog. Does it really worth! If it’s really worth, then why the real or professional bloggers go for paid ones.. Am not a Problogger, but I had the bitter taste with a free offering platform which am going to share.

Happily, i started my first free blog...

Before I started this money making site, I thought to go for free one “because, we don’t need to invest money” one of the site called it’s a famous web 2.0 site. I created a free account and started designing my own template with some custom coding [html code and css style sheets] and added some images to look nice and clean.It nearly took me more than 3 days to create the content and 7 pages, then did some little s.e.o on page optimization. Once I satisfied and started promoting my free blog. So the overall a week i spent most of the time to developing on that fee site. Imagine what happened after 2 weeks my site is not opening in any browser.

Reasons behind why my free web log is banned...

Then I went to weebly to login got a message that this login – id is banned was shocked obviously, I contacted the Weebly through my private mail account got a response to my mail mentioning you’ve used some custom coding that’s the reason we are banned your site, you have to use only the tools which are available for free members, want use custom coding, then go for premium membership which I have to pay. (Imagine I did use html code not not even.01%) compares with this site.

So, what I lost the money or time? Both because my idea is money, spent a number of hours to build – up the site and within a fraction of seconds got banned.

Advantages of web 2.0 Sites

  • Web 2.0 is very useful for to get high page rank backlinks
  • Create a blog is fast and easy. No need any html knowledge just drag and drop can finish a nice site within minutes
  • Free plugins and widgets are really worth and can implement easily
  • Disadvantages

  • Domain name post fix with web2.0 site name
  • We don't know when it will be banned
  • We can't use some custom coding

If any advantages and dis-advantages I have missed, please add in the comment below.. Thanks in advance.

Conclusion - If anyone wants to start a blogging, try to start with low cost paid hosting. Don’t think about initial investment.So, you can control everything free blogs are helpful for to create a good high PR backlink. We have best and talented probloggers they are always ready to help with free of cost.

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