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Money Blogging - Google-Adsense-Guarantee-Approval

One of the best and trusted way is google adsense to make income online 2016


Every blogger's dream should have a google Adsense account to his / her blog for earning money through Google ads is one of the trusted way and we can make good dollars like a full time job through online blogging. Well, as usual this post also comes from my experience, what are the precautions I took before I applied for Google Adsense.

The secret is there is no tips and tricks.. Just follow the T.O.S of Google Adsense India. But I would like to share some basic points which are very helpful for new bloggers.

Indian Blog Beginners for AdSense account 2016

The general Rules to apply

  • You must be Minimum 18 years old.
  • A website or blog and should be active for at least 6 months
  • Mandatory pages must have on any blog [About & Contact us, Privacy Policy].
  • Need professional email address with your domain name, not free email services like Gmail or yahoo.
  • Unique pictures of your blog articles will be an additional advantage, because as I mentioned Google follows strict rules no copied content, even for the images. If you see my pics are very different.
  • Check your content keyword density, don’t use repeated words more than twice or spamming.
  • Must aware the T.O.S (what are invalid clicks, impressions & much more...) instead of mention here, just read the program policies.
  • If your website contains non – family related safe content. Please check the image below, will get an idea what content is not suitable for Adsense.

How to pick the ideal Layout & Theme for my blog

  • Custom domain with Word press platform is the 100% suitable for the blogging purpose, Not the free version.
  • Avoid flash themes and Heavy plugins when choosing the layout design.
  • Simple html5 and CSS theme are good enough and it renders very fast in all browsers and as well as s.e.o mobile friendly
  • The breadcrumbs navigation menu is very helpful and it’s a search engine friendly.
  • Maintain consistent look throughout the blog. (Font size, color & background etc)
  • Important Concepts of On/Off SEO Optimization 2017
  • The first point is every blog post or page should have unique TITLE and DESCRIPTION. How to create a killer title click for more info..
  • The most important point your site should have decent and unique content at least 300 plus words and min. 15 to 20 posts.
  • Note : Don’t copy others bloggers content or don’t use article spinning tools use your own words and should be your content look natural.
  • Make sure site navigation is perfect without any broken links and seo friendly url's of your blog.
  • Sitemap.xml and Robots.txt files submitted in the google webmasters.
  • Improve Alexa internet ranking.
  • Complete on page optimization blog.

After you have done all the things wait for the decent organic traffic until it reaches 100 per day, then apply for Google Adsense. Surely your blog will be approved by google within 3 days the ads will be live on your blog. That’s it, this is what I did and learnt from the super senior bloggers.

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