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Absolute Beginners Should Aware About Free Tools From Google For Blogging & Small Online Business 2016


Create A Free Blog With Blogspot.

Today we have a plenty of ready-made blogging tools are available in the internet. But, the most famous and oldest tool is a BlogSpot, it’s a 100% commercial free blogging service anyone can join in the domain and the owner is Google. On 23rd August 1999 the tool was designed for specially blogging purpose and the Python programming language is used to create this tool. Supports multiple human readable native language, Ex - am from India. So, I want to write content for Hindi speaking people, without effort I can easily publish my post in Hindi language.

How Indian Bloggers Make Money With Adsense

It was released on 18th June 2003. It’s tremendously hit and totally changed the way of internet blogging business. It’s a free and genuine way to make money online, many full time bloggers from worldwide every month earnings are 6 digit income in dollars through advertisements by Google publishers and its supports cross platform operating system which means your blog might be in any programming language or OS can support easily just add the script in the blog. . Google always research and update the latest tools for the user’s convenience to make easy use chrome Adsense publisher & quick Adsense tools are really handy to monetize the account without open a new browser.

Use Adwords To Get More Online Business & Sales

On 23 October 2000, Adwords online advertising from google for small to big internet business. Whenever the user search for a specific keyword and the search engine shows the website links with a small snippet and the Adwords users bid the on a particular key word to appear your site ad on the top or sidebar of the first page of search engine results. It’s a big topic, so I just here mention only the advantages, will write a complete article on Adwords.

  • Control your budget on advertisements, can set the range or price of the ads. So, can start with a small investment.
  • Business will expose wide range
  • Get Instant business relevant customers will reach your site, more profits.
  • Can target for local internet market.
  • Details and progress of your business reports can view easily.

Still now finding the which method of internet online income is suitable for your knowledge, Just check the post will find the best one which is most fits for your skills to make money online.

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