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Money Blogging Grammarly-ProofReading-Online-Tool

Best Online proofreading tools to check English grammar & mistakes for blog content 2017


Making money through the internet blogging business is not an easy task, need a lot of knowledge on your preferred niche and great presentation with a unique information on your every blog posts for your visitors. If people like your content they revisit for the new posts (more unique visitors earn more money). Writing the article is an art and everybody have they own individual styles, but for fresh bloggers the hardest part is writing articles. Even though people can speak good English but writing is something complex need to check the spelling, grammar and many typo mistakes.

I've written more than 100 articles in this website, now am better when I compare my writing skills with the very first article. Because of free internet proofreading tools are really helped me to correct my articles. In the web market can find dozens of English improvement tools, but two proofreading tools are very best for writing content to the blog posts. I always use them and suggest for the new bloggers also.

An easy way to eliminate most writing mistakes with proofreading tools.


  • To use this tool need a registration and it's completely free.
  • No wonder majority of the internet users know about this tool and still many professional bloggers are using to proofread they articles in Grammarly.
  • It scans your document with best-advanced grammar rules.
  • Addon extension for google chrome browser, saves lots of time.
  • It’s more extra than a user-friendly tool because it suggests many alternative or synonyms words, which is very good to reduce the keyword density. Instead of writing the same word without difficulty can find the altered word.
  • No restrictions for the words counting you can write lengthy and the best part is it automatically stores your previous documents.
  • Contextual errors! Means correctly spelled but used in the incorrect context, Such as (effect/affect, there/their) and many other words.
  • Checks punctuations like comma, colons, question mark and many more !
  • Can upload / download your own documents.
  • If you want more professional proofreading, need to upgrade your free account to premium.

Ginger Grammar checker

The only problem with this tool is words limitations less than 100 words. It’s best for writing titles, headings for your blog posts can use service without enrolling in the site.

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