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How To Sell Homemade Crafts online And Make Your Hobbies Into Real Money


India the land filled with creativity, with arts and crafts. Sometimes our Ideas and hobbies can make a good income and this is 100% suitable work for the house wives or real crafty people. They can start an online part time business from home and these products are excellent as a gift items and people love customized, unique gifts which they don’t get in any retail shops.

We often see our family member’s mother, sister or aunty they make so beautiful handmade crafts in the free time and when our relatives visit our home and instantly wonder when see those hands made products and curious about asking the details how you made this. It might be a hobby for them, but it’s a wonderful home based business, you can make money with your favorite hobbies

Indian Handmade Craft Ideas

  • Customized Bags and Purses
  • Make a necklace with sea shells
  • Home made chocolates
  • Candle crafts for Diwali
  • Home decorative items
  • Embroidery on clothes, pillow covers etc...

How and where to sell online easily and make profits

The first thing is these products are seasonal or occasional products (festivals, birthdays, Anniversary, gift for a someone special). Target the right audience is very important for any sort of business, but this kind of special items could be sold as a gift item in online in eCommerce stores. Is it really a good idea to sell on eCommerce shops.

Selling on commerce sites is not a free thing, they charge for listing and after selling your item take some commission on the price of your product. If you don’t sell still need to pay for the listing fees of your item and customers are very rare to buy homemade crafts from eCommerce sites. So, the best place is to avoid the unwanted fees and get real buyers from social networking sites, classifieds and own website.

How to sell your home made products on twitter, facebook, google plus.

You must have a complete profile page about you and your business with some real images of your product. Need a lot of followers if you want to promote and sell your products on social networks.

Your friends, family members are not real followers for business purpose but some extent they can helpful to your business to re-share they followers and their followers re-share to those followers in that way it will circulate your Internet home business and your followers will increase.

Social network community

Create your own community and invite them to join and the same you should follow the other community which is related to your business. For example, if you are a homemade chocolate maker, then in the search box, type "HOME MADE CHOCLATES" and follow all of them and visit the profile page of those followers then you can get a clear idea how they doing and managing the business.

Having a own website is a big advantage, absolute beginners guide on how to start my home based business online.

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