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How To Start A New Affiliate Niche Part Time Blog Profitably Making Huge Money In Your Free Time


Part – time blogging is perfect suitable for students,house wife's and a day time job holders.. What is blogging? There are plenty of posts available in google, but I have given a short description in my blogging home page..

Don’t dream first day success, good things take time..If anyone is looking for short cuts this article is not satisfactory for them !

One of the best way to making money online is your idea. Your idea is key of money making, ofcourse we need some professional help for our doubts which we will get in online free of cost that's the one of the favorite things I like in the internet.

"How to start a successful and profitable blog for beginners"

Blogging is not a one day successful career, it’s a big ocean, lots of people failed because of lack of patience and don’t know how to start a blog confidently with a best earning niche product. Lets come to the bottom line of this post is how to gain more money in a short period with a hot selling product through affiliate marketing in your free time.

In the market, we have different company mobile phones are available, from apple to Chinese cell phones. Our plan is to take only one famous and reputed company which most people want to buy.

In this example am taking an apple product, from the apple products choose the best top selling 20 to 25 apple products only (not all). How to find the top best selling products in Amazon india visit here…

Make a list of the select products and check the reviews and description until you satisfied, once you have all the requirements now start your own affiliate marketing website, should look like a real store with good images with affiliate link.

How to create a blog or site for affiliate marketing

  • For any site or blog we need a good template, which is suitable for our business. Affiliate marketing comes under e-commerce, so we need e-commerce free version templates. Find the best eCommerce template in google search results which must be suitable for mobile devices and desktop devices, this is one of the major point to start & success in online business.

  • Content and images – write some content about the product around 400 to 600 words should be unique and convincing the visitors of your blog and place the images in perfect position.

    Note: - don't copy content from others website..Google hates duplicate contents. Write in your own words.

  • Need to do s.e.o for your website on/off page optimization.

  • Now submit your site/blog in google webmasters with sitemap.xml and robots.txt file

  • Promote your site… (Don’t spam when promoting, bloggers really hate spammers… choose the best site to comment which is suitable to your post only)

Some ways of promoting..

  • Social Bookmarking Sites
  • Email Marketing
  • Blogging commenting
  • Classifieds ...
Conclusion: -

In short about this post is how to start a part time affiliate blogging successfully in your spare time and make money.

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