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Money Blogging How-To-Write-A-Blog-Content

Your content should be a powerful as well as search engine friendly


A blogger needs a super content for visitors and most of the new visitors come through search engines.

Internet needs valuable information about various topics of search engine visitors, depends upon our blog we write a unique post based on the topic we have chosen. Often heard about "A content is the king of the blog", what does it mean ? your content should be a useful information so visitors will learn some knowledge from the blog posts, if they impressed you will get repeated views, shared in the social networks and they will bookmark your blog for handy or they subscribe for new latest posts from our blog and will receive a comment on the post .So, whatever you write content in the post will drive your blog to success.

What are the steps should take before writing the content for your post.


    Writing an article on a particular point, it’s not that easy there is a lot of research behind the topic. My blog is about to write articles on making internet money online, different ways of blogging and s.e.o.These fields I’ve some knowledge and experience, so I can put my real words to share my visitors without compromise to give a genuine content with the real income proof or results.

    Before your post is ready what kind of precautions should be taken.

  • Check any grammar and spelling mistakes, its quite possible to make mistakes so always use some handy tools for check English vocabulary. Plenty of free online tools available use it and take an advantage.

  • Instead of writing the whole paragraph, make them into 3 or 4 para’s and give a title for each para.

  • Google Loves good Unique content, with a decent amount of the size or length.

    Initially I didn’t care about the size of the content, if you people check my old posts, each content of the post is around min 300 to max 380 length of the size. The same topic when I check in others blog they write easily 1500 + words wonder how they dragging the content without any boring to viewers, It is called the art of writing. Ok, after several researches concluded the more content more visitors.Learnt this from pro bloggers and will maintain the reasonable length of the content.

    Note: Content should be unique and relevant to the topic, write with your own words otherwise all your efforts are hopeless.

    Is your images are unique

  • Images are the spicy ingredients of your blog, people love images rather than words. Images of the post should tell about what kind of post it is.
  • Images takes the primary role of the content of your blog, most of the new bloggers use the regular images which is a big blunder, use some user friendly info graphics tool to make your own custom image which can impress the viewers and label it your blog / site name at the bottom.
  • Check the Keyword density

    Try to avoid the common and repeated words in your post, at least maintain do not cross more than 3 or 4 times of any particular word. It depends upon the length of the content.

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