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How to start a Kiosk store in a big shopping malls for your small business


Till now I wrote articles on the best way to make money online, but this time this post is about how to set up a kiosk stall at shopping malls in India and this is suitable for small business owners and anyone can afford with a little investment.

Basically, we knew that to set up a retail shop is so expensive, to pay monthly rents and salaries to our employees. In major cities we can find at least 3 to 4 or even more shopping malls in the same area or locality in your city and day by day the shopping mall culture growing in India and no need to explain about the visitors on weekends and festivals visiting the malls

We often see the kiosk stalls in the shopping malls the small shops with business tents like ice creams, sunglasses, kids and women wears, ladies cosmetics, caps, henna design, hand bags etc. This is the best place to start as a small and secure and undoubtedly it’s a 100% pure profitable business.

Here am not telling the procedures, rules and cost to set up. Because it depends on the cities, localities and the leasing officer of the mall or agents, they only tell the exact procedures, requirements and legal details. Before approaching the actual person, need to do some homework.

Get Ready Before Opening A Kiosk Stall @ Shopping Malls

  • Just go the help desk and ask the staff want to meet the mall business or lease officer for business purpose.
  • Once you meet the business in charge of the mall, Explain him/her about your business idea and later ask all your doubts

  • Ask the procedure to set up.
  • How much you charge for the day, month.
  • Do I need to pay any advance for lease the kiosk?
  • If you are interested to sell in the weekends only, Then how much charge for the weekends
  • Go to at least 10 to 15 major malls in your city, find out is anyone selling the same product without a second thought go to that seller and pretend as a customer ask the price of the product. Once he replied the cost of the product to you, ask them the same product is selling very low price at some "xyz" mall and start manipulating with seller ask how much you invested for setup the kiosk.
  • Select the shopping mall where your business product is not available. It’s definitely a wonderful place to start.
  • The look of the stall should be simple and attractive, for that search in the google or take pictures of some shops with your mobile and if any requirement just alter according to your ideas

If I missed any points, please share your advice which will helpful for the people who want to start kiosk stall in malls

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