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Why Success Rate Of The Indian Bloggers Are Very Low Compare With Western Countries.


When your doing microblogging, why don't you think about full time blogging career

No doubt it’s a truly internet generation and lots of people on this globe are taking advantage of using internet in different ways without any big efforts. Recently, Mark Zukerber - CEO of Facebook visited India and he shared his opinion "Cannot connect the world, without connecting India". But when I search for the top 10 bloggers from the world, there was no Indian blogger in that list and a lot of bloggers are proving it’s a wonderful career and constantly making money on blogging.

The majority of the people is using social networking sites and spending lots of time on the internet for some people it’s a life, hobby or fun, but it’s a one kind of blogging which you don’t know you are actually doing the blogging. Sharing the small size (typically between 100 and 140 characters) of information or images with a group of people or followers is called a micro blogging for example twitter.

Blogging is a wealthy and profitable business for a serious professional blogger

  • Don’t have a decent knowledge on blogging and how it works.
  • Need a keen knowledge on the selected topic for a blog. So, don’t rush think twice before start a new blog will my skills are enough if not then just visit the pro bloggers blog which is related to your niche blog.

  • Not Investing money
  • Why free blogging is not really worth

  • Thinking about the income only not for the success
  • Quick money on a fresh blog and it’s not even a 6 months old? Wow! Looking for easy money and doing nothing, if you want to make money through a blog you need lots of visitors for that you have work hard. So, concentrate on the real organic traffic to your blog, then think about the Monetize. This is one of the main reasons, most of the new bloggers are disappearing from the blogging world.

  • It's all about the content of your blog
  • Visitors need valuable information regular updates with a new content will definitely increase your popularity and reputation people love to visit your blog regularly when you focus on fresh unique content and will subscribe for latest updates.

  • Focus on short term goals
  • Expecting and dreaming on online easy income. You are doing blogging for a valuable purpose "good things take time", don’t expect a fruits from a seedling.

  • Not having a proper plan.
  • Planning plays a vital role to success in any business, if you have a right plan then you can implement easily. Just take a white paper and write down all your thoughts and procedures how to proceed in a proper way.

Please add your valuable comments, advices and tips on blogging career

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