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Money Blogging - Safe-Program-Google-Adsense-Policy-Notification

Latest 2017 AdSense program policies, violations for bloggers must aware!


Every weblogger who are earning through Adsense, they must be aware of the most recent Google Adsense policies. Recently, on September 14th - 2016 I have participated in the live session about latest rules from the Google Adsense, the seminar was conducted by Prateek, and he works on the AdSense policy and traffic enforcement team. The main agenda of this live video session is about.

  • The best practices of publishers account, good standing!
  • why do they send the notifications?
  • what we have to do when we get warning e-mails?

Here, am sharing to my blog visitors on what I've learned to keep our AdSense account safe and follow the policies of the Google Adsense.

What should we do when received a warning notification!


Read the mail! Find the violation, Fix it and submit for the appeal. Will take 72 hours review by the experts of your all submitted proposals. Below points will be undoubtedly helpful to guard your AdSense account.

Google digital advertising ecosystem !

The ecosystem connects the three most important integral players (Users, Advertisers, and Publishers) to run digital advertising ecosystem successfully.

  • Users: - who are visiting the blogs or websites via the search engine with the particular keywords those are the most valuable users for the Google and they always maintain the healthy relationship to give the better positive user experience.
  • Advertisers: - They provide the opportunities to the publishers (only on high-quality websites or blogs with unique, and related content) to make money through the ads.
  • Publishers: - Bloggers, Vbloggers (youtube channels) to show the ads of the advertisers
  • Why do users trust the Google ad network

  • google policies are family safe and always very strict to a commitment to quality.
  • The ads will appear only on the original content of the blog posts; it must be helpful to your blog visitors.
  • Users can quickly identify and differentiate between ads & content.
  • What policy should we take action to keep AdSense account safe ?
  • The blog may get red flagged when you Click the own ads and ask the others to click on them.
  • Provide a useful and helpful content in your post, make it accessible to your blog visitors what they are looking after, not filled with too many advertisements. For more information check out the guidelines of the webmaster.
  • Google don’t allow monetization to those websites which are not suitable for the kids, vulgar words, etc.. So keep your blog content family safe and users must feel positive environment throughout your blog.
  • Content is the king! Keep focus to maximize the content, not on ads. Users come to read your blog posts, not for to click the ads.
  • Picking the themes and layouts for AdSense monetization blogs are vital because users don’t get confused between content and ads. Keep the ads only the non-clickable areas and never encourage the users to click on it. Some bloggers place the ads near the image thumbnails, download buttons, games, navigation links and slideshows these places are dangerous, and it leads to accidental clicks.
  • Don’t modify the code of AdSense
  • Traffic must be organic, we can use google analytics to track the real and unusual visitors with analytics alerts.
  • The above features are the most common causes for AdSense policy notification.

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