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100% Truly! Passive Internet income through a blogging - (not a affiliate programs or Adsense) Find out what?


The internet market is developing unbelievably, and the majority of the small to large enterprises are focusing on internet business and its true we can make more than 5 X times profits in a short span of time, only if we understand exactly. How the online business work and promote the blog/site properly.

Most of the visitors know about my blog is related to certain methods of income opportunities from different online passive earning sources, like (AdSense, view PTC Ads, affiliate marketing, drop shipping, eBay, and small home-based business). But, Today I came up with entirely an excellent real income opportunity, Till now which I have not shared.

The top niche internet business, with a little investment, obtain more profits with service based blogs.

Recently, I have examined particularly the super successful professional Indian blogger's earnings. Thought most of them make money with affiliate marketing. But, it's certainly not correct in my study, Yes! Those are alternate methods. They make money on the services to the users through a blog. Like SEO plugins, WordPress themes, Blogging tutorials and selling they own products (clothes, eBooks, Video lessons and much more). Now, will go the depth how they are making huge cash out every month.

Just visit! Any one of yours top niche blog. Notice somewhere on the blog or menu. They have "Hire Me" or "Purchase the affiliate marketing programs training guide," "How to earn like a professional bloggers" etc. Something to grab the users attention on that links and the main important thing is you can’t find any AdSense ads or another kind of advertisement banners. They just focus on own services and promote excellently and generate more revenue when compare with other commission based earnings.

NOTE: - The below images belongs to one of the top Indian bloggers, image credit goes to that blog owner, and he shared publicly on his blog. That why I chose as real proof.


Advantages of selling our products, instead of getting a tiny portion of the income on several affiliate programs.

  • Amount of traffic to the blog
  • You can fix the Price of a product.

According to the facts and solid research, on one of the successful pro blogger. The daily visitors are not less than (minimum 12,000 unique users are visiting every single day) and maximum is around 20,000 plus and 80% of organic traffic from different search engines.

Take a guess every day getting around 15,000 users are visiting from various sources and the monthly (15,000 X 30 = 4,50,000) and imagine 3,00,000 lakhs visitors from only Google.

The Bottom Picture, says 1 U.S Dollar = 68.0775 INR. (According to the today’s market)


Suppose The product price is around $10 (Rs – 680 Indian currency after conversion). Imagine out of 45lakhs the sales happened only 2500 people purchased in a 30 days period.Now let's do some maths.

2500 buyers X 10 dollars = $25000, and in Indian rupees it comes around (17,00,000) Lakhs Minimum Income every month they are making on they own products and services.

I suggest, please read “ affiliate marketing and commissions Vs Selling our products” Complete review.

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