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How To Start An Own Online Fashion Boutique Successfully With Zero Invest.


In this post am about to sharing my ideas and real time experience, how to use the free technical tools to set up and implement step by step process to operate the successful internet fashion store.

Fashion and Technology both are a necessary part in our daily life. It’s an eCommerce generation, so the majority of people want to buy from online stores. Without any second thought, it’s a perfect time to use our fashion ideas, implement on the internet to become an online business entrepreneur. This article gives a crystal clear idea how to start an online boutique from scratch and its very helpful for an Upcoming fashion student and professional fashion designers to start with a zero budget and increase profits from an internet business.

Before continue am giving a warning, don’t dream an over-night rich billionaire. It will take little time to grow your business, so friends the first key point is Patience is important and never give up your dream.

The internet is a great friendly weapon. Most of the software companies are offering free tools which we are going to implement perfectly to build an absolute successful online store.

The entire process is divided into 3 steps …

  • How to Promote your products on social networking sites without spam. (Basic)
  • How to step up and sell online in eBay India.(Intermediate)
  • How to create a own fashion website or blog. (Advanced)
Step - 1

How to promote and the target audience in social network sites.

The first step we are targeting the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest. If you guys don’t have the accounts, It’s a good time to register and create a perfect profile with your boutique or fashion shop name with images should look like a professional profile.

We have seen so many blog posts about promoting on social networking sites, after several research’s and read the Pro. Blogger posts got an idea how to get more followers. Here, am giving an example with google plus how to join and follow the communities. After you login into your Google plus account, place your cursor on your profile in the dropdown list find the communities option just like in the image below.

Google Community

Now, in the second image you can see there is lots of communities, just find out the best community from the list and join... That's it, almost all the social network sites should follow the same way to join the related communities

rupee earn Google Community

Step - 2

How to list an item in eBay India

If any doubts or advice please leave us a comment below.

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