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Are You A Best Logo Maker, But Don't Know How To Start An Online Successful Business With Your Own


Any online / offline business needs a super attractive logo, because the logo represents the brand of the company and just to see the logo of the company any one identifies easily what the company is about, that's why business owners don’t compromise for logo design. If you have great skills to create a perfect logo, Then you are the deserve person to earn huge money, get plenty of orders and make your life busy.

Let’s Begin How To Start A Best Logo Design Online Internet Business.

I should recommend to join in fiveer, odesk and some other freelancing sites. Competition is heavy because of hundreds of logo makers you can find in freelancing sites .Find out how to get success in freelancing , but this post is how to start our own online company.

Why we need a site when we already register on freelance sites? The answer for this question will clear your doubt after reading this post.

One fact is that register in freelance sites, you don’t get more get clients easily or you don’t make big money. They want to see your previous track record with real proof .If you done any small mistake you will face a bad feedback and your never receive a single order even if you put a low cost, as I mentioned in the top of this article business owners never compromise on logo design it’s a brand of the company.

According to my assume 60% of freelance members are having their own site and promoting on the site various methods. That’s the reason they do get new orders every day.If you have any doubt, please google some logo making sites, you will get a crystal clear idea.

Think about the primary things to take care before start an online business

If you want to start a serious internet business don’t start with a free domain like web 2.0 or blogger sites why should not use the free domain site. If you respect your company make a professional site with low budget, we have ready-made friendly sites or tools which provides free to design our website and plenty of blog’s are providing free info about how to make a website.

Before create a website, we need a good hosting company and we have a number of hosting companies like godaddy, blue host its offering different plans choose best one suitable for your requirement and I do recommend before buying the domain name check the reviews of the company.

How to choose best and attractive domain name for your business.

  • Make sure your domain name should not be greater than 10 words, lesser size is awesome.
  • Don’t use "_" underscore in your domain name.
  • Make sure your domain name contains with keywords. For ex: - " logomaker, perfectlogo, bestlogo " research for a good domain name. see my site domain name is "earnrupee" it looks simple and visitors will easily identify this is a money making site.
  • For designing choose mobile friendly themes.

If I missed any points, please add your valuable suggestion in the below comment, will add to this post. Thanks for visiting this post.

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