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Money Blogging When-Is-The-Best-Time-To-Become-A-Full-Time-Blogger

Find out when is the right time to quit day time job, Become a full-time pro blogger and make money online from home 2017


Want to start a self-employed business then Internet blogging is the best platform to make good amount of income every month from home and the growth of bloggers from around the world are steadily increasing day by day and many people are succeeded in blogging and they are making thousands of dollars but the question from many fresh start-up bloggers, is it really secure if I choose the blogging career as a full time. To success in any field, there are no shortcuts. So in weblog also there is no exception, must have proper knowledge what you’re doing and how to implement your ideas in a right way.

If you are already working in some organization but not satisfied with the earnings or some other reasons and thinking to start a profitable home base business. This post gives a clear idea when is the right moment to become a full-time blogger.

Don’t quit your present job at very early stage for weblog !

Don’t get over excitement and resign your primary job when you see the professional bloggers income report because no chance as a beginner you can’t earn a dollar in the next day or a month. It will take time and it depends on how much quality hours you are spending on your blog every day at least 6 months you need to develop on your blog with minimum 30 unique articles and must get every month 10000 plus organic visitors from google. Then you can apply for AdSense account for Indian blog, once the AdSense team approved your blog will make money.

For beginners how to become a professional full-time blogger in six months 2016

  • Find your niche
  • Picking the niche is completely depends on your knowledge. Don’t start a blog which you are unaware of the subject, suppose! Financial blogs make good income so don’t think will start a financial blog. If you are good in cooking write articles on recipes.

  • Deciding the platform for weblogging.
  • The Wordpress custom domain is really the best platform and developed for particularly blogging purpose they are plenty of ready-made tools can speed up your blog development and my genuine advice is never start a free blog domain services.

  • Content writing tips
  • As a new blogger, it’s a big task to write articles need to check the grammar, spelling mistakes and as well as check the keyword density. If you have are not confident on writing skills no need to worry they are plenty of proofreading free tools available which saves your time and correct your grammar blog posts.

  • Kinds of blog should follow
  • The best place to learn blogging at the professional blog posts. Visit only those blogs which are similar to your niche and find out what new things they are adding to attract the visitors.

  • Need a great Foundation of your blog
  • Content is not only the major part of success in blogging, need a perfect on page optimization. Here is the link am providing white hat SEO optimization to my blog.

Note: These are only a few basic steps! But in this six months journey, you will lot of blogging tips and tricks by yourself.

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