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Start an Online profitable Drop ship Business from Chinese DHgate e-commerce Portal and sell on eBay India.


In my earlier post, how online sellers are making money without investment on eBay by just earning with drop ship method and I have shown the real prices and profits on a particular item. If you are curious then here is the link, check the merchants making significant profits on drop shipping from China to India and selling on eBay.

This article is about Dhgate. A very successful drop ship e-commerce Chinese website can find a broad range of wholesale dealers from clothes to gadgets. But, I seriously suggest to the new buyers don’t deal with the electronic products from China and as well as stay away from the expensive item on your first purchase, until unless you are happy with the quality and service of that drop ship trader.

Small Introduction About DHGATE

In 2004 DHGate was established (DH Refers to Dunhuang), Headquarters in Beijing, China. Diane Wang is the CEO & Founder of this big e-commerce website and the items shipped worldwide. According to the Internet sources, the company serves 40 million products listing over 1.2 million suppliers or merchants. Till now more than 10 million buyers from 230 countries.

About the service and goods

Review of this site, almost all the customers are very much satisfied with the quality and service from DH-Gate sellers. My experience with this website is excellent, but the prices are little high compared with other Chinese drop shipping e-commerce sites. But, the products are genuine and will make you definitely satisfaction.


The website offers daily deals like other e-commerce sites. Check the clearance price of the women's leather crocodile bags 5 for only $39.69 but the original value was $396.88. So, 90% discount on this beautiful bag and this offers expire in 24hrs.

My honest advice is not to buy big products like Apple iPhone, Samsung, Sony devices, and you might receive duplicate or replica because they are branded, and won't get cheap. So, start with small items (dress, wallets, caps, cell phone covers & cases, etc.) That’s why I showed the women's purse as an example in the picture.

Do some homework on the below points, before purchasing the items.

  • Beware for additional or extra taxes while importing products from another country.
  • Check the full feedback of the seller and read the real consumers reviews of the particular product, which you want to buy. Here is the image of the seller of the above leather purse product. Got 4.1 out 5.0 stars.
  • dhgate-Seller-Feedback
  • Check the Approximated delivery time and kind of courier company.

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