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Which Is The Best Monetizing Adsense or Affiliate Marketing To Double My Blog Revenue


The source of making money on the internet for the professional bloggers is mostly through affiliate marketing or Adsense. Which one is the best choice for daily passive income, is it good to have both in one blog, there is no objection from google. So, we can use both in a single blog. But why majority of serious pro bloggers is making more revenue & profits through affiliate marketing compare to Adsense.

Which one is easy to double my web log income

  • Approval
  • Most of us knew that Adsense is very tough to get approved by google team and for the new blogs we have to wait for 6 months, whereas it’s easy to register the top referral commission websites and get linked or banners and plenty of websites are offering referral earning system.If you dont have, How To Get Approved Adsense Account, To My Blog.

  • Income with Advertisements
  • Ads from the google we don’t have control its depends on the CPC. Income is not constant we might get one day more and the other day can be less earnings. So, all the valid clicks do not get the same revenue.

    Affiliate Commission is depends on the selecting the niche product, suppose you are promoting the web hosting services the income will be more if you sell more items the earnings will be double or triple.

  • Revenue
  • Adsense earnings are totally depending on the organic traffic. If any direct or referral clicks the ads those are invalid clicks and we don’t get paid for those clicks.

    No matter who purchased the product through the banner link, we get a commission for a valid sale, whether it’s from direct, referral or organic.

  • Promoting the ads
  • We cannot promote the Google Adsense ads, only real search engine visitors should click with his/her intention. If we do any silly and stupid things the account will be banned.

    Can promote multiple ways with our referral banner links in social media, email marketing & forums.

Chances are more to earn double earnings through affiliate, but some companies don’t pay or scam so be aware choosing the right legit site of referral based companies are important. Whereas the AdSense also generates a passive daily income and its no.1 genuine paying site in the world that’s the reason most of the bloggers still believe is the best online earning source.

Note:- Both are best, but any blog Monetization depends on traffic. The key of online earnings is when you have more organic visitors.

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