Genuine Online Income Without Investment In India
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Are you online seller not making enough profits, No worries! Take your Internet business into next level.


Many small local retail Indian shop owners are beginning an online e-Commerce business. We can start without an initial investment to sell our own goods all over India. Major E-commerce firms like (eBay, Amazon, Flip kart & Snap deal etc...) are welcoming the sellers to trade our products through their websites. I’ve written many articles on small home based business, but this one is advanced to get more sales and profits using our own custom domain online shopping site with an existing e-commerce seller account. Before jump into the actual point let’s first check what kind of benefits when we sell in e-comm portals.

Indian E-commerce Advantages.

  • Every day at least 25+ millions of consumers are visiting and lakhs of assorted products are selling only in amazon website and the visitors are growing rapidly.
  • It’s a free of cost to register as a seller.
  • No need to maintain any business accounts or invoices separately.
  • The payments are securely and regularly deposited into named bank account on the remittance day.
  • We can create a (subdomain) store, it is useful for established & power sellers. Please read why I don’t recommend eBay shops for beginners.
  • Support from the customer service.
  • Shipping is very easy, the courier boys come to our place and collect the products. Except the eBay we have to parcel the courier by ourselves, am using cheap and best Indian postal service for e-commerce.
  • Seller protection against the fraud buyers.
  • If customers satisfy with the service, they will become regular buyers to our business.
  • Not only sales we can earn money through affiliate marketing. So, it is providing employment also as an affiliate partnership. How to start an affiliate marketing home based business for dummies.
  • The internet market is growing bigger can reach our item every corner of the world. But still a majority of the online serious business owners are not making real gains. If we register as an official seller in any commercial shopping website is it enough to make money. Now it's very tough for fresh sellers because in any niche the dealers are overwhelming, occupied & established in all the top most shopping sites, due to the heavy competition (the margin of our profits are very less) So, what is the best way to take the online business into next level? Just like a price comparison or coupon portals (I have designed my own shopping site take a look my new online shopping website how I created and linked with my own eBay products).

  • No need to integrate gateway payments, this is one of the major issues for any e-commerce business.
  • Buyers will trust our products because we are selling through a famous online shopping site.
  • Promote our own brand.
  • More buyers will visit your products through our site (through the search engine, direct & referral).
  • Feedback will increase.
  • Can share the links easily in social media networks, forums and bookmarking sites.
  • I doest not cost a lot to design a shopping website (if any interested for further details please contact me) and much more....

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