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Check Before Sending The Courier Package Of Your Parcel Is Safe Or Unsafe And It’s Reaching Your Product Without Any Damage To Your Customer


How I lost My Money With Unsafe Courier Package In India Parcel Transit

Well, this is one of the best experiences of my online business and courier service. How I lost my money even the payment was successfully done by the customer, just for unsafe package of the product.

How I lost my money even after the buyer paid the amount and the parcel was couriered through the Indian post before the delivery time, but after 2 weeks the parcel returned to me. There is nothing wrong with the buyer or courier service I just sent the parcel as usual (thought safe packaging) which I normally do for all my couriers throughout India. But, How come this parcel was returned back to my from address.

Usually most of the time I get orders from the major cities & towns all over from India. Sometimes or rarely buyers are purchased from the village areas. The problem, it can be delay to deliver the product in village areas. But this buyer is from Ghaziabad, not from any small village still I lost my business and money because of unsafely package.

Total amount - I lost was 90.68 Indian Rupees.

  • Shipping cost - 36.00 Rs
  • eBay Charges For selling product successfully – 24.50 Rs
  • Item Listing Fees – 2.00 Rs
  • Paisa pay Commission from the product – 28.18 Rs

Below is the image of the tracking Details.

What Went Wrong !

Ok, here is the story! Some days before I got a mail from eBay India, that buyer was not received the item and appeal for the refund. Obviously, will shock never happened earlier this to my online business. So when I check the courier tracking ticket and the information is showing the parcel is returned to my home address in Hyderabad. I don’t have any clue what went wrong and the customer address was correct with pincode and buyer mobile number also on the parcel.

One find day the parcel has arrived with a horrible condition the customer address was totally ripped off from the parcel and the luckly, the product was safe with a protected cover (and special thanks to the Indian courier services they returned my product) only from address is available on the parcel.

All my hard work and money was gone with some silly mistake, I hope this post is helpful for someone who is doing online eCommerce small business and I apologized to my customer and sent a message with clear clarification.

I’ve learned the lesson. After that incident, my every parcel is sealed strongly with Sellotape. Hope all my parcels are reaching in a good condition and got a feedback nice packaging.

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