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Paisapay refunding the money on the favor of buyer and I lost eBay seller fees and shipping charges! Sharing my True experience?


Who are selling products on the internet to make money online business with eBay for them this post a true lesson for eCommerce merchants, Does eBay & Paisapay policy for sellers is good or bad? Here, am sharing my real-time experience on how eBay and paisa pay tricked me (loss - shipping charges & listing fees on ebay). I am a regular retailer on eBay India and sell products(womenswear Patiala pants), and a couple of times I've faced some strange buyers and I believe most of them suffered this kind of customers in any online e-commerce business. Ok, coming to the point!


Recently on (13 – Dec – 2016), a consumer purchased a product from me, and I couriered the parcel on the following day only, and the product has arrived on 19th Dec. Please, check the tracking report image of the online tracking shipping services india postal department.


But the customer door was locked, and the postman left a note (intimation), and the item was in the office till 23rd Dec. The buyer did not talk the post office people and waited for the chance to returning the parcel to me; then he raised the refund request on (26th dec). "stating that the item was not received before the delivery deadline."

Now the story starts here with an eBay & paisa pay seller team. After I received the message, so and so user as raised refund request on a particular product. So, the money is on hold if you don’t contact within three days the refund request will be automatically approved.


ebay customer support center - 1800 209 3229

Immediately, took action and sent an email to paisapay seller team with all the courier tracking details, after that, I called toll free eBay 1800 number and raised the question this guy is done purposely he knew that the parcel was in the post office and why he raised a complaint on 26th Dec 2016. eBay suggested me; please send a (POD) Proof Of Delivery letter with the stamp of the post office manager. 1st think there are online tracking details available, why do you need a letter? The customer care person is not listening to a single word of mine, just standing on that same statement only.

I went to the Indian postal service and asked the manager need a (POD) of the particular tracking details, and at the officer told everything available on the internet and also once the courier has been dispatched and arrived at the destination place you have to contact there, and we are not responsible.

I called back to paisapay selling department. After the big conversation, they agreed it’s a customer fault, and he asked what I can do? I said anyhow will get back my parcel, but what about my shipping charges (36 Rs) and eBay listing fees (Rs – 5), I losing 40 rupees on this transaction. Who is responsible? and how cleverly the customer care guy was jumped. Sir, i agree it's buyers fault, Will take this issue to my superior and will get back.

Trust me guys! Till now no call or message – they just refunded money to the buyer account successfully.

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