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Which Is The Best Profitable Online Internet Business Price Comparison Web Sites Vs Affiliate Marketing Blogs - 2017


The purpose is to make money with minimal investment and get more profits from internet business

Two things are very most common between in these online businesses. The first thing we can start without having the actual product with us and the second is both are commission based earnings. So, which one is the best profitable business. Am sharing my true opinion about the pros and cons on both businesses. Hopefully this will helpful for the people who are looking to start this kind of internet business for Indian market.

The main intention of the price comparison sites is to display the particular product prices from different websites and the benefit with this business buyers can save lots of money through discounts and spending less time on online shopping sites. Affiliate is to promote a single product on a particular niche, Want to know more about what is affiliate marketing and how it works.

Both have a huge demand in the internet market. But compare with price comparison, affiliate marketing has most safest online business and can earn good income.

  • How much Investment is required to start?
  • To start a price comparison website needs a solid investment depends on the size of your business and must aware the programming language and database, in online several portals are selling price comparison scripts and most of them are in PHP with mysql database. (At least you need more than 1000 dollars to start a basic price comparison website)

    Whereas for affiliate business, we don’t need to invest lots of money. We can create a normal WordPress blog with a great content about the product which you want to promote and no need any computer knowledge basic internet skills are enough to start, but the main tricky part is choosing the right niche is important and should have a good knowledge of the particular product. Once you are satisfied with selected niche join as a business partner and after approved your application you will get the referral banners.

    Actually the price comparison websites are affiliate marketing only. But instead of single product we have to promote thousands of products.

  • Which one is more profitable?
  • In my opinion affiliate marketing is truly 100% profitable small online businesses and most of the online earners and professional bloggers making thousands of dollars through affiliate marketing.

  • Easy to maintain the blog.
  • We can target the right audience easily.
  • Less investment, More Income.
  • Does not required any programming knowledge, basic html coding is enough

The points what I have mentioned in the above is totally reverse with the price comparison. So, my choice is go for affiliate only. If any suggestions or ideas, please leave in the comment section. Thanks in advance and visiting my blog.

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