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Benefits of Social media sites and how it boost the small online business fast and gain more profits 2016


Blogging is a pure 100% profitable work from home based business. Anyone can start no matter if you are student, housewife or unemployed. But, making money through a blog is a very difficult part needs a lot of research and knowledge on how truly the blog runs. Find out more how a single blog can monetize multiple ways. A successful blog needs lots of traffic and the visitors come from various sources like direct, referral or organic and the brief description of these 3 types of traffic.

Direct: - People who are visiting our blog/website directly. Means they type URL in the browser's address bar.

Referral: - Through social media, Bookmarking, forums and some other websites or blogs.

Organic: - The traffic coming from search engine by keywords. They are valuable customers to our online business. How to get organic traffic to my Indian blog.

My best social networking sites G+, Pinterest, Twitter, klinkk, Reddit

Social Media business plays a major part of growing in any online marketing campaign. It’s a wonderful platform to share our business Promotions, blog articles or pictures and many more interests to like mind people in the world and not only getting traffic but also got backlinks from those high page rank sites except from the twitter but traffic is unbelievable compared with other social network sites. To develop a larger group of social media network it takes certain time after you got thousands of followers your business will get lots of profits.

Benefits of social media for small online home business 2016

  • Almost all websites Free to use
  • In one click can share your blog post to all your followers.
  • Save lots of money on advertising, without spending a rupee can market your business.
  • Can get new ideas from similar business people.
  • Generates lots of traffic, better search ranking and improve SEO score.
  • Quick response from your followers.
  • Easily target the local & online customers and expand your business.
  • If content is a worth your followers will repin the post, so your post will circulate many people.

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