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Sharing My Experience With A Weird Buyer, Every Online Ecommerce Business Owners Will Face!


Recently, I’ve faced with 2 interesting sales with weird buyers in eBay online India. Actually, they are really worthless & headache buyers and am sure 99% of online e-commerce sellers will face this weird customers and of course it’s a very common thing in any business, but still, it’s a good lesson for the new small online home business owners or want to start a own internet shopping business. Here am sharing one of my experiences with an online customer.

Not all, the customer is bad out of hundreds will face at least one.

Less info about Buyer ~ The buyer was a female from Bangalore, India and working as a software engineer in a big M.N.C

The lady purchased my product through eBay and the product was delivered (Register Parcel) by Indian postal service to her preferred postal address before the due date. She called to my mobile and was rude “I ordered a product was not delivered and want my money back”. She is not even listening a single word from my side and the same time she raised a complaint the item has not been received and requesting for refund the money and sent all the details to ebay buyer protection team, as usually sent a copy of that complaint to my register mail id about the issue and gave time within 3 days should response of this mail otherwise will refund all the money to the customer.

When I trace the product with a tracking id of the product in Indian postal website, the product was delivered in 3 days from the purchased date and someone has received and immediately, I was mailed to the ebay refund department and customer with a screenshot of the tracing info.

She again called me, Here is the funny and stupid explanation she gave actually on Oct – 15th I was a day off to my office (gave her office address) and product was delivered and might be somebody taken my parcel and want my money back and I asked her did you ask your front office receptionist she said no, can you ask those people and call me if any problem.Guess what! She never called me back and did not inform to the ebay people also that parcel has been received. Later couple of days I called to the ebay customer service about the issue they said they will contact with the customer and when they called her she said the product is not as expected and I want my money back and called many times to the buyer, he is not answering my call and on the spot the guy who is dealing this matter he called to my number and kept in the conference mode the buyer,, seller and the eBay support team member will present and my reason I sold nearly 50 plus items of the same product and no one given compliant check my feedback its 100% positive and she is lying since from 5 days did not receive any calls from her number you know what she did just disconnect the call and I got my money of that item the following payment period. It took nearly 2 months to deposit the amount in my account.

This might be silly thing, but the point is because of this weird customer my payment was delayed and wasted some time on this business. So always, please keeps your product tracking id tickets and check the product was delivered or not after the 4th day of the courier.

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