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Ebay Shops Are Really Helpful To Improve My Small Online Home Business India


If you are an online eBay seller, heard about the ebay shops if don’t know here is the small introduction. Usually a serious online business owners want to have a own online shopping store, for them ebay has own customizable, user friendly tool can create an eCommerce site easily without any programming language. Just like other E-comm tools woocommerce, Shopify etc. But the point is how far this ebay shop will helpful to grow our small home business income, sales and make profits.

A Beginner guide on how to start an eBay India business

Am an ebay seller but I don’t have any eBay shop, reason is sharing my opinions and I believe this post will helpful for small internet home business owners.

Is it free or any fees apply

If you observe the above image, certainly it’s not a free of cost and they charge monthly fees. Notice there is a three levels of subscription Basic, Featured and Premium and prices are different depends on choosing the type of subscription. But eBay store is really helpful for senior business people because of they have a lot of stock and can list 100’s and 1000’s of products for them this store is really handy and without a doubt they do have a own website also.

For small business people for those who are listing 10 to 50 products its does not work out

  • Suppose, If you have chosen the Basic subscription fees is 499 monthly and 12 X 499 = 5988 INR. If you can or able to make 15000 Rs monthly pure profit after deducting the all listing and paisa pay fees, then think about eBay store
  • How can i improve my online sales, without having a ebay shop
  • Think about the real buyers for your business
  • Set a monthly target on your sales
  • Don't depend on a single eCommerce website

Here is the solution for the above points. How can I improve my small online internet business without ebay shop.

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