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What is Neobux and why it is best in PTC Business websites?

Neobux is the best online paid to click earning website. We can earn money in different ways in neobux all are simple and easy ads, mini jobs and ad-prize.

1st type to earn by clicking ads on neobux. They are different types of advertisements & different prices of each ads .they are categories into colors ORANGE, GREEN, PURPLE, BLUE COLOR is the most important ads. Usually 4 orange ads will get for a standard member, for golden members will get 9 ads and 16 ads for ultimate members. So each orange ad will get 0.02 cents.Blue color ads are also the same amount 0.02 cents, but we can’t predict when they will appear.

2nd type is purple color ads, these ads are also called as micro ads. And green color also the same type but these ads will get unlimited ads for any member of the neobux. No restrictions.

Why orange ads are most important?

First thing is when you notice the amount is per ad is 0.02 which is the biggest ad in neobux , but do you really earn lot with that small amount from the biggest ad. Nope, then how come people are earning more in neobux because they have referrals. If you want to get good payout then you need good amount of referrals. More referrals more money.

So, your referral amount will be credited in your account until unless you click the all orange ads. That’s the main intention for the orange ads.

Who are the referrals and why we need them?

Referrals are those who are join under your account with your referral link. They are two types of referrals Rented and Direct.

Rented referrals are those you can rent from neobux for 30, 60, 90, 180 or 240 days. How long you gone a rent the referrals you will get good profit so, the profit is depend on the number of days you can rent. For example if you rent for 240 days you account will be 100% safe and no doubt you can gain maximum profits.

Direct Referrals are those who are joined with your referral link this is 100% pure profit you don’t need to spend any money for the referrals. Just invite your mates, relatives, face book, twitter friends and you can create a blog and invite them to join in this awesome earning site.

About Mini jobs and Ad Alert in neobux.

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