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P.T.C Paid to click - Golden-Account-Free-Neobux-Points-30000

How i extend neobux golden membership, with free 30,000 Neopoints. Check out!


Explained various absolute proven tips and tricks on making money with genuine Paid - To - Click websites in this blog, Now! in this post am sharing, how I extend my existing Golden account for one year without spending a single dollar from my pocket simply by using the Neopoints. Well, Normally three ways we can become a golden member.

  • Buying with $90
  • Adprizes
  • 30,000 Neopoints are required to become.

Required 30,000 points to get free golden membership


Members who are earning through neobux, they knew about golden membership. If you are very new or standard member and want to know the benefits and here is the link on how to improve your p.t.c earnings with the Golden account.

Am very excited to share this post with my real experience with images, because first time am extending the membership with only Neopoints. Before I purchase the Golden account with points, my actual Neo-points are 38,039, after purchased the points are 8,039.I have illustrated the whole process.

Ok, let's start! Once you login into your valid account, in the summary section you can find about your account details like how many clicks you & your referrals (direct referrals, Rented Referrals ) made today with graph, Main Balance, Rental Balance, how much you received & purchased till date, Commission made with your referrals and many more.. at the top of the page there is four buttons with text (extend, advertise, referrals & your payment).


Check! The dates of my golden membership expires (Before - After in the image)

The above picture is my real account, and it says my golden account expires on 2017/1/15 (still I have 133 days left to expiry). Accepted the extend button, will take to the golden membership purchase page for a year, with different payment methods (Main Balance, Points, PayPal, Payza, Netteller, Skrill).

Selected The Neopoints


I picked the points it pops up a message want to extend your membership one more year with " are you sure ?" (Yes, No - buttons) . I selected yes and got a message “ you have bought a golden membership.” That’s it ! See the after extend “I have 498 days to expire”.


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