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If you want to earn thousands of Indian Rupees online every month with Neobux then you need to be upgrade your account to Ultimate and lots of Indian people are earning 5 digit incomes with a best p.t.c site from home.

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Any serious p.t.c online earner in Neobux is so desperate and want to become an ultimate member reason, whoever earning lots of money and making profits with Neobux, without any doubt they are only ultimate members and till now no complaints from this member and ultimate accounts are growing, including myself because compare with other (diamond, Emerald, Platinum, Sapphire) memberships only ultimate has lots of benefits and it’s also a money saver.

I strongly recommend if you want to make profitable income with ultimate, build up your present golden account as much as early.

The limit to Rental Referrals for the ultimate is 4000 (for standard cost) after that you can purchase the referral packages with small extra charge which means there is no limit or end to renting the referrals for ultimate member so, you can have “n” number of Rented Referrals. If you notice in the forum - the ultimate members account they have 30,000 plus referrals.

Well, it’s a bit expensive, but you can earn double the amount you have invested in a short period.

  • Without discount
  • The cost of ultimate membership for new purchase $ 890 U.S Dollars and for renewals $ 800.

  • With discount

For the first time its cost is $840 (savings $50) and for renewals its $770 – (savings $ 30)

Discount Prices Of Neobux


What are the advantages when having an ultimate account on the Neobux p.t.c site?

  • Guarantee More Ads To View
  • Every day you can get guaranteed high paid advertisements which will boost your income. If you are regularly clicking all ads according to your server time your R.O.I investment will get back in a short span. If you did not click the single ad in a day or miss the ads still you can earn from your referrals. But, whereas for golden you have to click every day all the 4 orange ads in order to get money from your referrals, if you miss a day you don’t get the referral commission for golden members.

  • Rental Referrals Recycling
  • The profit of your account depends on your referrals "More Referrals, More Money Earn". When we have a bad or non – profitable rental referrals we need to replace with other active one which will cost some extra for replacing and of course it’s a good purpose, so we need an active clickers to increase our earnings that’s the reason referrals must be recycled and 50% percent income we have to for ultimate members not even 10% spend for recycling.

  • Inactive Referrals will automatically replace with new one's
  • For golden member – referrals are not clicking since from the past 14 days, Sytem will replace with new referral.

    Ultimate – Inactive referrals after the 7th day automatically replace with a new ones.

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