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For Beginners What Is The Best Timings To Buy Neobux Rent Referrals Successfully 2017


The earnings and profits in p.t.c business is totally depends on the referrals whether it’s a rented or direct. We all know that direct referrals are very hard to get, but they are several ways we can get a direct referrals to the neobux or any P.T.C websites. But in this post I only cover about how to rent the referrals which helps for the beginners or new members.

Steps to take before buying the referrals in any paid to click advertisements services.

No doubt having thousands of referrals will definitely raise our income, but only when we have the capability to extend them for 240 or 150 days (to get the maximum profit) with ultimate golden membership can achieve success very faster. If you cannot afford to extend them up to maximum days don’t rent plenty which will lead you to fail making money with any p.t.c sites. My advice for the new members do not withdraw money from your account, save the money what you have earned with ads or mini jobs and rent the referrals and renewal them for maximum days, They make money for you.

More referrals with maximum renewal period = good profits.

Renewal discount prices depend on the renewal period of days. More days extended more discount.


When is the right time to rent referrals in Neobux

Every day, thousands of new fresh members are joining and all wants the referrals, but very few people will get the rental packages. So, when is the correct time to rent the new referrals?

  • After login in to your account, in the left side there is a personal option under the settings section. Click the personal link
  • The personal setting page has different sections, find the rental times under the other settings option.

You can see the above image has 2 combo boxes, so every member can choose the right and flexible timings to rent the referrals which mean if you fail to rent for the first time can have a chance for the second chosen time.

Note: - Once you set the timings, after 7 days you can able to change the timings.

The referrals are available your preferred timings only. So, be careful to select the timings for buying the referrals and if you notice the top picture chart with yellow horizontal bars will give any idea, if the bar is smaller then it’s a good time to buy. You can check my timings the 1st hour is 22:00 which is the server time and my local time is 8:30 A.M and the 2nd time is 01:00 and my time is 11:30 A.M. I hope this post will helpful and next time you can succeed without failure.

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