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P.T.C Paid to click - Neobux-Rental-Queue-Pack-150-Purchase

Reached 4000 Referral in neobux and will purchase more RR to reach 10,000 and my goal to gain at least $500 profit every month


Am a long time user in neobux and still need to go a long way to reach my goal. Many of my blog viewers are asking several questions on how to earn faster in neobux? Already I’ve produced numerous articles, can find here on how to make daily profits with p.t.c websites. But remember it won't happened overnight (PAID TO CLICK SITES ARE NOT QUICK RICH METHOD) will take some days to earn a decent profit. In neobux, each account type has restricted to rent referrals Standard – 500, Golden – 2000, Ulitmate – 4000. But it is 100% possible to hire unlimited referrals for ultimate account holders only. After reach limit quota, we have to rent referrals to rental queue system.



In the above image, it is clearly showing my account just reached the deadline. Therefore, I cannot buy the Rent Referral as a Normal way because the referrals button will not work. Now! Members of an ultimate type use the rental queue after reaching the usual purchase method.

How to rent referrals through Rental queue system

After login into your account, at the left side, you can see the small menu options chose the "Rental queue" in the setting section. Check the image you can notice two methods are available to request the pack.

  • Normal queue – Need to wait in a line and its cost around $90
  • Express queue – waiting time is 24 hrs, and it's very expensive (2 times than the normal queue) and $180 for each pack.

Each package contains 150 referrals and its cost $0.60 cents plus per referral and additional will be charged $0.01 for each 100 referrals and that the user has above the limit to a max of $2.40. Note: - Fees apply for only to rent the referrals, not for the extensions days. 90 dollars for each order and the referrals are not credited to your account instantly; you have wait in a queue for your turn. In my case, I paid through the normal method and waited for 129 Hours.

Added New Pack of 150 RR To My Account, Now I've 4150 Referrals


Every four days after received the last one, then only can allow purchase the next pack. Just like other members.

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