Genuine Online Income Without Investment In India
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Why Am Not Making Money Online From Legit P.T.C Sites


Every person wish to become a millionaire and wants to earn thousands of dollars from online, but do we really have that will power to gain the real money. Will discuss the possibilities on failures about making money in this post.

First of all we need a right channel to make money for that we have to research for a legitimate genuine site. Even though they are paying very less or even a dollar still we can earn a 5 digit figure in Indian rupees. Am earning through online paid to click sites between $200 and $250 pure profit monthly even though it’s not a big money what am earning right now but am happy with my earnings as a part time work in my spare time (I don’t even spend atleast 20 minutes in a day) so my opinion on making money through p.t.c sites is really profitable, but as I mentioned, we need a right channel with my experience will do a little research before joining the dollar making sites and if you want to know how to find the scam p.t.c sites.

Why Iam Failed To Making Money Online

  • One of the biggest reasons is lack of knowledge how to increase your earnings. Of course I also started with a dollar. First, read and understand the T.O.S of the joined sites and participate in the forum which gives some knowledge and idea to earn faster, suggestions from the senior members those are real money makers, don’t believe then find out the true inspirational cash outs with income proof.
  • Not visiting the p.t.c forums, study the other members how they are earning and if you have any doubts can ask in the forum members or admin of the site
  • The purpose is joining the sites to earn money online but the majority of people after joining they just give up in the middle or not regularly active to click ads and missing other opportunities like surveys, mini jobs, adlaert etc.. and believing the failure members is the earnings are very low and it’s not really worth but on the same site other members are making good profits and the interesting point they also get the same ads what you get.
  • You need a referral (rental or direct referrals), rental you need to buy the referrals and the 2nd one is D.R how to get direct referrals for Neobux or any other p.t.c sites.

The above two points are the major drawbacks and reasons of failure to make money. Now find out the quickest way to earn $300 dollars monthly pure income without investment

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