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P.T.C Paid to click - Neobux-Forum

Why Every Member Must Visit The P.T.C Forum And What Are The Advantages


The forum is a place where the existing account holders share their real time experience and knowledge, which is certainly a benefit for the newly joined members and I still follow the seniors advises and visits regularly. Almost all the money making P.T.C websites has a forum page and how it’s really helpful for the members and chances to learn different money earning strategies & ideas.

Quick Hint To Identify The Fake P.T.C Sites 2017

Before joining in any Paid To Click advertisement sites, the first thing must consider the site has a forum or not. If it has not just keep away from those websites and I treat them as a scam site and of course we should think some other important points, but forum plays a major role in p.t.c business. This post is regarding about how to use and advantages of forums.

How To Use The Neobux Forum

  • Every registered member should aware the T.O.S (Terms Of Services), if any misuse he/she will be banned.
  • Eligibility to use the forum need to view at least 250 advertisements and the same rule applies for using chat.
  • You can express our opinions, but should not offend the other users.
  • Promoting your own websites, blogs and other site referral links is strictly prohibited.
  • Benefits To The Members

    Several different categories are available and each category has different sections. So, if any member has a problem or issues should post in a belonging category.

    For example: - suppose if you want to share your income proof should post in the payment section only, Otherwise the moderators will give a warning like (the post is not related to this thread) or remove your thread.

    News And Information

    This thread belongs to the admin, the latest news, discounts and any changes or new features adding to the site. Admin will post in the news about Neobux thread.


    You can share or raise questions about your account status, latest payment proofs, introduce yourself, can tell your success stories, what you have won through Adprize and how much you have earned through mini job.


    You can discuss your payment process or issues (paypal, payza and Netteller), bug reports, if you have any problems and doubts can use in this section.

    Non – English

    If you are not good in English or want to share anything with your native language neobux support mostly all major countries local languages and available in the non-English section and it’s a best place to meet your own country mate.

    How to get direct Referrals for any p.t.c sites

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