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Find Out How Important A CDN(Content Delivery Network) For Your Online Business & Benfits To Use !


A website need an organic visitors to make money and pure profits, whether it’s a small, big or online internet home business and success depends on the perfect S.E.O Optimization, the concept of search engine optimization is very huge and I’ve posted several important tricks and tips on SEO but this post is mainly about what is a CDN (content Deliver Network), how to use and what are the benefits for the online business

SEO Benefits with CDN Services for online business success

Content Delivery Network is when a user requests a page, image or any data, it fetches the data super fast from the edge servers (not from the main origin server) and these servers are located in different places in the world and only the closest edge server will respond to the user's nearest geographical location, instead of from the main server. Now the data are provided from a shortest distance from the user location, that’s the reason CDN is more powerful and popular services to our online business.

Complete guide on how to improve my site speed

Suppose! If a user is visiting your blog from India and the server is located in the USA. The time of content delivery will be slow because of the long distance, communicate & data flow between the server and client machine, imagine when you have a “n” number of customers are accessing the same data at the same time the server will be slow and users won’t wait until the page render fully result the visitor will exit immediately. So, you are losing the valuable customers now the CDN servers will help to improve your internet business to make faster render data on the browsers because of the edge servers, data will be served to the nearest point from your user location. Many best CDN service providers are offering free of cost, up to a certain limit of data usage.


We need google customers (searchers) to our online business growth and they are called organic visitors. As we know they only visits the sites those are available on the first page of the search engine results and google highly recommend the page speed is one of the important criteria for search engine results page (SERP).

If any suggestions or want share to the knowledge about CDN. Please feel free and leave in the comment below, Thanks in advance

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