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S.E.O - Content-Marketing-With-S.E.O

How To Be A Successful Blogger With Content Marketing Plus S.E.O


Every day internet users are growing as well as internet business also expanding rapidly.. Due to excess demand on the online business, it’s very tough to get the first page in google search results even though you have a good SEO score still you are losing big money in your online business. Reason!

Now the present the trend is content marketing is it s.e.o related or different. After several researches I found one which satisfied me.

Content marketing specially makes our post for consumers or visitors so, it's very broad, widely visibly we can see in our post whether it’s a content related to video, text or image. Whereas search engine optimization is internally working (on/off optimization) through google bots or algorithm our site is optimized.

Till now, whatever you write a post or article, first we check for s.e.o friendly then visitors (not all bloggers, those who are using automatic tools to generate content), content marketing is quite opposite to s.e.o we do for consumers how to attract and satisfied the customers.

Search Engine Optimization + content marketing
successful money making online business

So, s.e.o needs content marketing and content marketing needs s.e.o together for successful online business.

Content marketing is purely depending on your knowledge and how to promote your content. You are the only one exactly know about your product not consumer. Think before what are the ways to fetch the real consumers.

Some basic Points to create a content marketing...

  • Regularly Updating Your Content
  • As a blogger we all know that content is the king of your blog, first and important point is regular updates. Don’t post multiple posts at a time. Give a gap between the posts at least 2 days for each post. Google likes regular updates with a unique content written by humans, not article spinning tools.
    Note: Unique content is not only enough, it must be convinced & accept by the visitors of your blog.

  • Consistency
  • Consistency is very important your page layout and images must be all in the same size and make a watermark of your blog logo or name below the image. It represents your brand.

  • Informative
  • Informative is nothing but a content should be attractive. Consumers should feel and believe it's really worth for a second visit to our site/blog, in short! presentation of your content must be simple and accepted by visitors. Take my site as an example

    My site is about "Possibilities to make internet cash in the best ways with no investment". Which I always supply my latest genuine payment proof with bank statement, so am convincing my visitors that am really earning through online which is free to make money.

    Till now I followed these 3 points...

    Am updating my blog every three days, my images are unique and made by me with info graphics (free tools) and showing real proof how it works.

    Am looking forward for more points about content marketing from my fellow bloggers. Can share the tips in the comment section if it’s a valid point will add to the post & advance thanks.

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