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Best Practice SEO Friendly CSS Guide For Faster Indexed By Google Search Engine And Reduce The Page Load Time 2017


A Perfect blog must have a great unique content with a super S.E.O score, The score is based on the Search Engine Optimization results (on/off page optimization) and it’s a very powerful technology and plays a key role in the internet business. I’ve written several articles on S.E.O which are definitely helpful for the beginners and this time I came up with one of the important topic on CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) and without using css cannot create an attractive theme or menus for a website or blog, the best part is supports all latest browsers and it’s a cross browser compatibility.

How to use a css file in my blog for faster index by search engine.

Note: - I won’t cover how to write the scripting thing. You can find a number of articles in Google. This post is how to optimize the css code, render quicker on browsers and improve the website/blog page score.

  • Avoid in-line scripting code in the html tags.
  • Writing the script for every html control or element in the design part, this increases the file size and consumes lots of bandwidth. So, try to avoid the duplicate script maintain all in one single file and just import the class attribute in the html element where its necessary.

  • CSS External File
  • All cascading style scripts put into one single file and the reference link place between the header tags in the html page. Which improves not only the page speed, easy to maintain and if any changes can be done easily. Not only that the code looks very tidy and the page size will be reduced.

  • Minify the css
  • This is the most important step to speed up your site, css minifying is compress the actual file size. It removes all unwanted spaces and comments etc... Which improves the page and site performance.

    These three points are really minimize the page load time from the server.

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