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Are You Using Properly The h1 To h6 Header Tags In Your Blog? Find Out The Benefits And Optimize Faster In Search Results


S.E.O – Search Engine Optimization! The 3 words play a very important role in any internet business. It’s a vast subject and I am sharing some important optimization concepts through my blog, Which I’ve been implemented and got better results and now getting good visitors.Hiring an s.e.o analyst is very expensive for small online business owners they can’t afford, but S.E.O is very essential for online business. In one word, it’s a foundation of your blog. Hope! My experience & knowledge will helpful for the beginners who want to start and success in making money with blogging career.

What Are Header Tags?

Typically, they are 6 header tags in html script and now will check how to use properly to optimize my blog faster and appear first page in the google search results. A blog contains different posts and every post contains a valuable content or information and every content has paragraphs. Suppose an article is around 500 to 800 words. So, we need to split into sub paragraphs. This post is a real sample you can check the headings with an orange color and I used different header tags and applied to my all article in this blog.

Optimize Faster Index By Search Engines

The first thing comes in mind is the keywords when optimizing a website or blog. We know that we have a meta keyword tag, but the google algorithm prefers the content rather than keywords tag. So, you can use your main keywords in the header tags.

How To Use User Friendly Header Tags Perfectly

  • You should not miss the order of the tags. The main heading should be h1 tag follow the sub headings with h2, h3, h4, h5 and h6 remember don’t miss the order.
  • If you have multiple h1 tags in your web page with different keywords, it will be a problem to contextualize the page by google. And there is no rule should have only one h1 tag you can have more. But I use only 1 in the header section with proper keywords.
  • It improves s.e.o score of your blog.
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