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Don't Kill Your Blog With Low Quality Backlinks, Think Quality Not Quantity When Create A Backlink For Your Blog


Making money through online business needs lots of traffic, but traffic (users) comes from various channels (direct, search engine, social media and through referral) with the help of backlinks. So, is your users are coming through a right valuable channel. Let’s find out how to get a quality backlinks to my site Hope and helpful for the beginners.

Do your backlinks are really worth or harm for your blog. Find out how to create a quality backlink

When we need a lot of traffic to our site, we need a proper high page rank backlinks. What is this, high PR site how to get healthy quality backlinks to my website, will see how to create a backlink and approve instantly without a spam. When we want a quality result, it takes time. Eventually helpful to grow the internet online business. Which one you prefer getting thousands of low quality backlinks from a cheap sites are getting few pure, worthy quality backlinks from high page ranks sites.

The most important point when we create a backlink, check the quality of the site and is the post is related to your blog and when you leave comments. Read carefully is the post is really helpful to you then only leave a comment not for a sake of backlinks. Know more about on How to write a comment and post successfully approved by the blog admin.

We are serious business makers, so don’t use any short cuts or silly things to getting a backlink which causes to ruin your online business. In one word, you are literally vanishing your wealthy site.

Things not to do when building a quality backlinks

  • If you hired an SEO company. Not asking them what is the strategy of the backlinks and believing blindly. Most of the companies do black hat SEO tricks.
  • Using automatic tools to generate backlinks.
  • Having a too many backlinks for a fresh blog.
  • Don’t buy backlinks from any sources.
  • Leaving comments purposely on other blogs? Spamming.
  • Not using properly a long tail keywords in forums signature.
  • Never comment on adult sites.

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