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How to improve your pagespeed insights for google search engine results

How To Improve Site Speed

"Is your site is speed enough if not google and your visitors hates and kick your site from the search engine... Reasons!"

Google loves the faster loading websites for search engine results.

Your visitors don’t have time to wait to load your site.. For this reason they don’t stay on your site long time.

Best google insight rules, how to improve the website speed?

For search engine precepts Site speed is one the primary thing, for the search results. Google loves speed websites and crawl them easily.

  • Web hosting

    Choosing the best hosting company is very important. Don’t tempt for the low cost hosting companies check the reviews of the company before register.

  • Themes

    Careful when choosing the themes, if theme has more plugins… no doubt it will kill your speed.. Always prefer plain themes with minimal plug-ins.

  • html compressor

    Free tools like html compressor are really helpful to reduce the page size, always compress the html code before uploading the file into server.

  • Gzip compression

    It ensures the loading page faster and improved user experience

  • Css and Js script

    Don’t use more than one css file, if you have more make them into the style sheet and use css compressor and Js minified script.
    Note :- Don’t use inner scripts (hard coding in every page or every html tag) use always css reference or external link if you done properly almost your blog speed will surely increase.

  • Images

    This is a big headache most of the time consume taking loading the images from the server. Use best image compress files. when we use an image compressor definitely the quality of the image will be low, but its really worth for server loading time

  • Caching

    Using a caching technique is definitely to reduce the server round trips. Implement on every page or use on config file.

Please share your tips and trics in the comment below , appreciated and thanks in advance

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