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S.E.O Home - Image-Page-Speed-Tips

This post is about how to load images faster from the web server and improves your website page speed and Yslow score!

How To Improve Image Speed

It’s a very hard to see a blog or site without images. So, you can imagine the benefits of images.

Do we really need image? For a blog.

Yes! Images playing an important role in any business. With a single image we can express thousands of words; visitors don’t have time to read your full post no matter how many unique words, you can use in the post, need a good presentation which fulfill with a beautiful images. In short and sharp visitors like information with images rather than words. Without an image a blog post looks like incomplete.

What kind of image format we need? To reduce page speed time

Visitors need always fresh and unique content… bloggers don’t want to buy any images, but how to get an excellent image with different font sizes & background colors. If you notice my images using in this site most of them are so unique and you can’t find the same images in other blogs and they are free. Choosing the free images is not a tough job, you can find on google search page. But we need to add some fonts and backgrounds, logs with the help of infographic tool. If possible try to use vector images in your blog.

I personally use piktochart and canvas, both are free and can make easily a beautiful infographic. In this post am not covering how to use infographic tools, it's not a rocket science once you register play for 5 min. with available options you will be get to know how to use. If not you will find a plenty of videos on how to create an infographic images on YouTube.

What are the drawbacks to use images in our blog? How to fix them

Using more images will effect on page load time, here are the tips to reduce the loading time of your web server and render speed on the browser.

  • Always use .jpg files only, avoid using .gif images. It occupies more memory, which causes slow rendering on your browser and it will impact on your page speed. Check the size of the files in the image below.

    How To Improve Image Speed
  • Once your JPG image is ready, now need to compress your file size… compress will reduce the original size to compatable size which improves website performance and google loves to index your images faster. Before the size of the JPG is 119kb now after compressing its 86kb. See how much space we are saving. Of course, will lose the glossy of the pic but we want to increase the page speed of our blog.

    image after compress
  • The most important is specify image dimensions, should mention height and width of all images it allows faster rendering on the browsers the reduce unnecessary reflows of the server time.
    We can Save bytes of data of the images when properly sizes the images.(scale the images according to your requirement).

Please share your tips and trics in the comment below , appreciated and thanks in advance

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