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S.E.O - ON-Page-Optimization

Every Blogger's Dream To Optimize The Blog And Indexed Faster In Google Search Engine Results. Which We Can Achieve Through On-Page Optimization.


S.E.O (Search Engine Optimization) these 3 words relevant to every blogger. Even the fresher’s also known. Google determines which blog/site is good or bad based on the quality S.E.O. of your blog.

They are 2 types of Search Engine Optimization

  • On-Page Optimization.
  • Off-Page Optimization.

My personal experience on page optimization plays a vital role more than off page optimization. So, here is the free checklist which helps to make your blog perfect and Google loves your site, crawled and indexed quickly.

Here are important and necessary for every blog post needs these points with free tools which am using.


Title is the major concept in on page optimization. Because title only determines what is about your blog? Every blog post should have a unique and great title don’t copy from others or leave blank the title tag. Here is the link how to create a best title for your blog post with my own tips.


Meta Description is a very important tag which Google search results display our blog/site as a snippet. Be careful each page should have unique description and reasonable keywords. There is a limitation of the length of the description should follow.. The maximum length of Meta description is 155 characters.
Don’t cross the limit of the characters. Here is the tool to check the length of the Meta Description. Title and Meta description cheker

3 - Meta keywords

Don’t Use Meta Key words tag in your blog post

I sincerely suggest, please don’t use meta keyword tags in your blog.. Just ignore this tag, am I crazy to tell this because "Google does not use the keywords meta tag in web ranking for search results" may be the other search engine use.. I don’t use the Meta keyword tag on my site.

Here is the example -If a money making site has a key word "online money making genuinely", the same key word will be used in a number of websites. So google search engine always checks for the best content of your blog not the keywords.
So, where can we use the key words in my blog? The best way to use key words in a title, description and h1 tags, but don’t use excess or repeated keywords.

Note - Your title and description tag should match your post, looks natural and readable by humans.

4 - Content

We have seen so many articles on how to write a content and content is king of the blog only the owner of the blogger have 100% crystal clear about writing the content of his/her blog.. Make sure the content is meaning ful,human readable and s.e.o friendly.

Don’t Use article spinner's or any other tools to generate content

Steps should take before upload your post into your site

  • Check grammar and spelling mistakes which every blogger does, here is the free tool to check mistakes on your blog…
  • Use h1 and h2 tags for every post.
  • If your content has any images use the ALT tag key word
  • Check Key Word Density of your article

5 - Image Optimization

For images tag have a special attribute call ALT, a lot of new bloggers they skip this part. This is a very important tag every image in your blog should have ALT attribute message. Purpose! If your image is not displaying the ALT attribute text will optimize and will render in the browser.

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