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Find out best methods how to reduce your site bounce rate and improve your site traffic with helpful tips


Want To Increase Your Internet Business Profits Then Decrease Your Site Bounce Rate.

Most of the blogs or sites make for commercial purpose to earn some money through our website. In online business the profits depend on visitors (Organic Visitors). So, the more visitors we can make more money, depends on our niche type of the blog. The question is why we need to trace the bounce rate and how bounce rate will help us to improve our site.

Where is the best place to find the website visitors information

Google analytics is a free powerful tool by google. With the help of this tool, we can check what kind of visitors are visiting our site from around the world and as well as the bounce rate. (Of course! There is plenty of information we can trace with the help of analytics tool, but this post is regarding about the bounce rate, so am sticking to this point only.)

What is Bounce Rate !

Any Visitor visits your website and leave immediately from the site home page without interacting with other pages of your blog, is called a bounce rate. The meaning is clearly pointing out people do not like to stay or browse other pages on our website. So, the visitors instantly exit from our site which is a true bad signal for an internet online business.

Steps should take care to reduce the bounce rate

  • First and most important is choosing the theme of our site, I recommend simple themes are best with white background with black standard font text and size. Don’t use a black background and any typical color text.
  • Poor menu navigation and page layout - should have a proper navigation links suppose, the menu have a payment proof link, when visitors click the payment proof page it should not show the 404 error or broken link. Check always all internal links are working properly with user friendly navigation urls.
  • Not using paragraphs and space between the lines of the content.
  • Check the web-page speed! If the site is rendering slow in the browser. Definitely visitors will flee from your site, don’t have patience to wait. Even google likes faster sites to display in search results.
  • Not using proper header html elements (h1 to h6), and not using italic, bold styles where it is necessary.
  • Too many advertisements on the site, it truly irritates the viewers and some bloggers intentionally display the ads in the text which does not look like professional blog.
  • Missing internal links , which is related to the post.
These are the only few basic things I’ve mentioned. If any points I’ve missed please add your ideas in the comment below, thanks in advance

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