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How to create a KILLER TITLE for your blog or site and come up first page on Google search results with in 3 days or a week.

create a KILLER TITLE for your blog /site

"100% Proven to create a super title for your blog.. "

       Your blog title is a query for a Google search engine. When a Google visitor search for a something your title become a snippet and comes in a goggle search results. So the biggest task is our snippet should crawl and indexed by google and come in the first page of a Google search results.

       Here are my own experience sharing how to create a wonderful title with your best keywords and how Google crawl and optimize very fast your post within 3 days.(Note :- along with this all the other things on page optimization must be perfect ex:- meta description , img alt tag, title for every img,H1,H2,H3… H6 tags etc.. How to create and implement these all will describe in my later posts)

       Here is my example how I create my title for “money making site to earn online”. So, certainly I have to use “money, earning, online key words.. but it’s a very popular keywords if I use this key words I will get billions of sites in search results and if I use these keywords in my post ,my site is definitely buried under the popular sites which they are already optimized and crawled by google .

      Points and rules to create a killer title for your blog. here is the real example how I created my title for this post

       Rules for title:-

  • A title tag length for your blog should not contain more than 66 characters.

       Points for to create a title:-

  • Use your main key word in your title.
  • Should be unique title for every page of your blog.

Golden tip how to create your superb title for your site / blog.

I only use search engine results to find and suitable title for my article of the blog. No tools or magic’s here. Here is the live example with this page title of this post.

Just open google search engine page..

My first title tag chosen is "how to create best title for website come up on goggle first page" and see the results About 34,10,00,000 results (0.66 seconds) in the below image. And the length is exactly 65 characters and I don’t use more than 65 characters.

create a KILLER TITLE for your blog /site

Now my target I want the search results should come less than 50,000 results search page with the same or similar key words.After several combinations I found the best title is “top seo killer title tag first page google search engine for a blog” which is suitable for my new post. See the image below with the results and the result is 47,300 that's it you have done.

create a TITLE for your blog /site on optimization

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