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S.E.O - Stop-Buying-Backlinks

Why a professional bloggers and serious internet business people never buy back links!


Back links it’s a powerful term in the internet business and it’s one of the major important concepts of OFF PAGE OPTIMIZATION in S.E.O, Why do we need a backlink to my blog or website. Different visitors visit our blog/site through various sources, but true profitable customers are organic visitors and it’s only possible through a search engine (Google, Bing or Yahoo). A proper backlinks with a unique content will raise the blog popularity in search engine results page (SERP) with your keywords of the blog.

There are two types backlinks DO FOLLOW & NO FOLLOW links. I won’t cover about how get the link juices from google, because it’s a very vast subject and will explain in a new post. But this post is regarding about what are the consequences will face when buying backlinks.

You can find many SEO freelancers selling the backlinks for 5 dollars will get around 200 or more backlinks from different page rank websites (depends on the seller offers) many new bloggers will tempt to buy from them. I hope after reading the below points will consider and think twice before purchasing links for your blogging business, what kind of backlinks google expect from a blog.

Build Pure Natural Backlinks

  • Natural backlinks
  • It’s also called a pure white hat back links, Search engine loves natural backlinks. Because google algorithm is so clever can identify easily the link is created by bot or human. The natural links will take time, but they are very dedicated links which improve our blog SERP. Stay away from the automatic link building tools. Create the quality backlinks not quantity and do link building by yourself.

  • Links are not relevant to a blog
  • Suppose if a website is about making money through internet, if this site is getting a link from a non-relevant website like food, clothing, travel etc. from those websites, they are not really valuable links because Google hates such kind of links even though they have a good page rank. So, make sure always try to get the backlinks from the same kind of niche.

  • Low Quality Backlinks
  • If links are coming from the untrusted sources, those links are really harmful and site will be penalized. I suggest to aware the google webmaster or console tool guidelines of proper link building.

    If you buy backlinks you will get all kinds of mixed links and most the links will harm and kill your website from google search engine results. Reason 99% of sellers use automatic tools.

    Conclusion: - Create your own backlinks for your blog, don’t depend on easy and quick methods.

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